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Monitoring report 2019 | commitment to OECD guidelines

At The Makers Group we take our social responsibility seriously. By taking in account our economic, social and environmental impact in the way we operate as a business. By our commitment to the OECD guidelines, we demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our clients, whilst embedding such responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

Our mission statement

The Makers want to be a leading garment manufacturer and wholesaler. By combining market knowledge, sense of style and tailoring craftsmanship, of all our associates and
the Van Gils family. To design, sell and produce quality men’s and women’s tailored clothing.
We aim to anticipate the needs of our customers, and partner with them in order to adapt continuously to the rapidly changing market conditions.

Our vision and goals

  1. Be(come) an organization known and recognized for our expertise and innovation in the luxury tailored fashion industry. Understanding our customer’s business and accurately anticipate on market and fashion trends.
  2. Being in the top 3 manufacturers in Western Europe of customized (made to measure) clothing in the western hemisphere, serving both retail and customized clothing resellers.
  3. Being a part of the top 10 relevant suppliers of private label, high quality clothing for larger groups of retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce customers in Europe.
  4. Become a preferred partner/supplier for global brands, operating as a service provider in sourcing, fabric purchasing and co-design.

Labor policies, practices and goals

Labor Policies are defined in The Makers E&S Policy; the practices are defined in the code of conduct and the manual of procedures chapter 17 – HR management.

The Goals are defined in the official Performance indicators of HR per month.

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, The Makers aim to build a better future for everyone.

Accomplishments in 2019

  • Maintain and improve the E&S System: The E&S system was maintained 100%, and from defined 38 actions of improvement. 25 were realized within the committee CHSCT specially on security and work condition level.
  • Campaign of awareness about the wastage has been done.
  • New cutting machines have been bought to reduce waste of materials
  • Embellishment of Paveco environment: 100% (50% was realized in 2017, 30% in 2018 and 20% in 2019).
  • Paveco renewed subscription to Sedex Platform where information about the E&S system is shared with our suppliers and clients.
  • Audit ISO 9001 Version 2015 was revised and maintained

BSCI audit valid until 2019

An external audit by Intertek, BSCI (*) audit (DBID 360063) took place at Paveco November 2018. All performance areas were rewarded: ‘Good practice‘, but with 5 minor non-conformities:

  • Improve the report of evacuation exercise.
  • Measure of noise has to be performed by an external laboratory.
  • Electrical installation must be verified annually, the last one took place in September ‘17.
  • Add security lights in the upstairs of final warehouse and trimming warehouse.
  • Some sewing machines have no needle protection.

The Makers objectives for 2020

The definition of our environmental and social objectives and targets:

  • Continue Maintaining and improving the E&S System
  • Launch the study to use the clean energy and decrease the use of electricity
  • Group the cutting of material to reduce the waste : 50% have been done on 2018/19, and 50% for 2020

As The Makers we are aware that our choices and local presence affect the life of thousands of our employees, their families and community. We feel obligated to take actions and keep improving their situations to reduce poverty locally.

Fair wages for our employees

We employ simple, clearly structured salary systems that ensure fair renumeration. Annually we prepare the indicator of living wages, where we compare our employees’ incomes with the local wage standards ( Paveco employees benefit from salaries above the legal minimum pay grade, seniority salaries, bonus and free transport.

Cooperation with the Red Cross

We are the first ‘Friends of Henry’, cooperation with the Red Cross, who provide emergency aid around the world.

Social commitment through new cooperations

In 2018 Paveco opened the discussion with beneficial organization ‘DARNA’. We have discussed a cooperation that we finalized in 2019.

We also put in place a new training center in cooperation with an external institute “ESITH” to learn and train students and future workers, which will helps the young people to insert the world of work easily.

We vouch for honest, decent work and a healthy workspace, for which we provide hygiene and safety, but also improvement of the social environment of our employees.

Health and wellbeing

The Makers employees benefit from a private health scheme.

Improvement of the social environment

This was our biggest challenge of 2019, to improve the team spirit and open minded attitude We organized coaching courses for our managers and team leaders, focussed on:

  • interpersonal communication;
  • Drive the change

ISO 9001 Version 2015

Audit Successfully passed for the ISO 9001 Version 2015.

Sexual harassment policy

In 2019 no incidents were reported.

Freedom of association

All employees of The Makers are aware of their freedom of association, the right to organize them and to participate in negotiations (collective bargaining). They know their right to a safe and healthy workplace and personal development. Our OC&CS department internally communicates these rights and values throughout the company.

Grievance mechanisms

HR staff as well as confidential counselors represents our employees when it comes to expressing grievances, complaints or concerns. The grievance procedure has been formalized and offers several channels to address grievances. Any level of management can receive reclamations as well as HR and OS&CS managers. Counsellors treat anonymous grievances confidentially.

Safety & hygiene

  • During 2018 safety and hygiene have been addressed under the ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘procedure Entretien de Batiment’ and ‘Nettoyage et propete de l’usine’.
  • Our workplaces are designed for good health and safety of our employees.
  • Measurements have been taken to avoid accidents on the work floor.
  • Fire alarm systems have been installed and maintained; fire extinguishers have been put in place and are frequently being tested by an external company.
  • We distribute protecting work clothing to every employee who needs it.
  • Safety instructions and training are clearly announced within the company.
  • Paveco finalized the ‘Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan’, part of the ‘Traitement d’incendie et accident’.
  • A plan of security is in place ‘Plan de Securité de l’Usine’, for which we provided a list that contains the phone numbers of the fire brigade, ambulance, doctors and personnel responsible for first aid actions.
  • Employees were trained for the first aids.
  • Tests on our security equipment were performed and additional emergency lighting was installed.
  • We’ve performed a ‘General Evacuation Exercise’, registrations administered at HR department.
  • The number of external accidents has decreased from 54 in 2018 to 18 in 2019, we will continue maintaining the safety devices and create awareness among our operators.

Noise reduction

Test results show that the noise in the cutting room reaches 86-88 dBA, which is slightly high. Paveco arranged special ear plugs for the operators, to reduce noise pollution. They have also visited a doctor for a medical check, of which the results were satisfactory.  We will repeat these medical checks in the future to prevent hearing damage.

In 2019, we ask a certified external laboratory to make a complete diagnostic of noise in the factory, the results were the same with some few posts in sewing line, for which we also did the same action as cutting room.Temperature reduction

In the sewing lines the temperature is still high according to the norms; some improvements have been made by installing new ventilations and cool water fountains.

We keep watching up this point.

Dust and humidity reduction

A certified ‘Laboratory Gaya’ has measured dust levels within every area of the company. The norm is max. 5,0mg/m3.

In different areas the measurement results are between 0,13mg/m3 and 0,23mg/m3.


We maintain high standards to ensure our employees are safe and secure, following the Procedure of Security MP-03-06.

  • Security guards present at each of the two employee entrances.
  • Authorities secure the zone.
  • 16 security cameras are installed in all areas of the property.
  • A special guard is present in the night.

1) Code of Conduct.

2) Social procedure.

3) Application the disciplinary procedure

Practical actions have improved the working environment

Practical actions have been implemented to improve the working environment of our employees.

  • Improved interior of internal areas
  • Improved the canteen by adding equipment and accessories.
  • Installed air conditioning in the rest of offices
  • Secure the hoist load
  • Standardize the waste bins in the factory, and make a plan to prepare new ones for cutting room
  • More equipment for noise protection have been provided
  • Isolation by covering some machines from air
  • Revise the procedure  of insect cleaning
  • Better highlighting the corridors in the work floor
  • Re-organization of trims warehouse and revise the security system
  • Install more cool water fountains
  • Organize the warehouse of CUST Fabrics
  • Numerating of all doors for better organization of Keys
  • Improve the equipment and accessories in the medical office
  • Campaign of awareness with workers for better cleaning in the canteen
  • Campaign of awareness with workers for wastage
  • Buy new portable aspirator for better cleaning the high places to decrease dust


The Makers employs a variety of people with different backgrounds, ages, genders, races, cultures and religions. We stimulate tolerance and acceptance. However, we do not tolerate discrimination. We believe that education is the best way to reach equality and empowerment of our people.

Personal development

In 2019 we evaluated the performance, strengths and weaknesses of our employees. Based on this evaluation we developed a training plan to help them improve their competences and increase their performance. HR keeps a registration of all training plans, reports and evaluations. About 100 supervisors and managers have joined a training, mainly internally, but some externally. In 2018 Paveco engaged in a partnership with a specialized training organization, ESITH, to establish an internal training center for operators, which has been installed and launched in 2019.

Diversity within the company

At the end of 2019, 1.332 employees work for Paveco, production facility of The Makers; 99% permanent contract and 1% temporary contract. Women represent 85% of our total number of employees at Paveco. The Makers in Breda, The Netherlands, employ 24 people; 67% of our staff in Breda is female, 33% male.

When there’s an open vacancy, we communicate this internally first. To offer our employees the opportunity to apply before we search for candidates externally.

Non-discrimination policy

We encourage employees to stand up to (presumable) discrimination. However, in 2018 no incidents of discrimination were reported or indicated. Our policy is to judge people by their competences, not by their background, gender, race or religion.

The Makers believe that with clean energy we can help to preserve the environment. The same thing goes for clean water, which is also essential to the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Improvement of sanitation

We continue taken actions to improve the sanitation at our facility.

Clean energy

The Makers is researching the opportunities of solar energy at our facilities.

A new action plan have been put in place to reduce the consumption of electricity.

With our large production facility (12.000m2) and over 1.300 employees, improvement one step at a time can lead to big results when it comes to sustainability.

In 2019 we continue maintaining and improving.

Responsible consumption can only be accomplished when production companies facilitate it, by producing responsibly and sustainably. The Makers want to be facilitaters for more responsible consuming behavior, so we happily underline our actions against climate change.

 Consumer interests and product quality

We believe that quality products are essential to increase responsible consumption. Our clients and their needs are important to us, which is why we annually send out a client survey, to measure and monitor the satisfaction level of our clients. We question different areas of satisfaction, such as quality of fit, quality of our products, prices and lead times.


We continue investigating and improving the 2 main subjects :

  1. Automatic cutting of technical trims and lining
  2. Control of consumption process of raw materials.

We also put in place a new department “Innovation patterns” who is taking care of all patterns modernisation and new technology which will help the cutting process to reduce waste.

On top of that we have taken several actions to decrease the use of plastic.

With climate change and pollution, life below water and on land is threatened. By acting responsible in dealing with waste and hazardous materials, The Makers minimize the effect of our actions on the environment.

Use of hazardous materials

To protect the environment and our personnel, we limit the use of hazardous materials to a minimum. The chemical products we use are gasoil, ethanol and alcohol. If you’re interested in the types of chemicals we use and their nature, this information is retrievable. All employees that work with hazardous materials have been trained to do so in an appropriate and safe way. Labels and ‘Material Safety Data Sheets’ are at their disposal.

In 2019, we separate the chimical products in the storage warehouse from the rest of materials, and we defined a complete separate place.

Waste & pollution

How we handle waste and minimizes pollution:

  • Every three days waste is removed from the facility.
  • Outside the free zone, the waste will be destroyed in a special area fixed by the local government.
  • We use Diesel 10, which is approved by the local government.

No other chimical products are in use by the company.

Encourage staff

In 2019 Paveco launch a Campaign to sensitize staff and bring awareness on the sustainability subject. Shared values on caring for the environment are important to us. We encourage employees to step forward with practical and innovative ideas that support these values.

People are the main asset of a company, employees, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders. We grant them a safe and living and working environment and we encourage our business partners to share our values regarding sustainability and social responsibility.

Stakeholders commitment to human rights

We have established a clear procedure that reflects our code of conduct and that is shared with our stakeholders. We invite our main stakeholders to sign their commitment to respect laws and human rights. When this commitment is questionable, we require an audit to confirm their compliance to international labor standards. We ensure that The Makers ethical code is well explained, in the local language, to all our stakeholders personel throughout the whole company.

“Business partners who share their commitment to the environment and who conduct their business in a way that is consistent with The Makers environmental policy will get a ‘preferred status’ and will be our first choice doing business with.”

Human Resources management

The HRM policy is intended to provide working guidelines and descriptions of benefits and policies of all companies within The Makers.

Three documents are covering HR Policies and Procedures:

1) Code of Conduct

2) Social Procedure

3) Disciplinary procedure

Together they address adequately the following HR elements: (i) wages, including deductions etc., (ii) hours of work, (iii) overtime arrangements, (iv) leave, (v) benefits, including insurance, pension schemes etc. (vi) disciplinary procedures (vii) Termination procedures & rights, (viii) conditions of work. (ix) Safety, hygiene and emergency aspects. All requirements are according to national law and are abided carefully.

These policies seek to ensure that daily decisions affecting employees are made uniformly throughout the company. It is the responsibility of the managers to administer these policies in an impartial and consistent manner. There is a confidential person within Paveco who is responsible to check and measure the social climate and with whom people can discuss personal issues as well.

Salary systems

The Makers em­ploy simple, clearly structured salary systems that ensure fair remuneration and are comprehensible for employees. They get wages aligned with market wages in the relevant markets and review these levels on regular basis. Once a year, The Makers prepare the indicator of living wages based on the income of employees per category and compare it to the living wages per country published in

 The strength highlighted by the external audit *BSCI has done in 2018 was the paragraph “Fair Remuneration” as follow:

“The auditee exceeds the expectations by offering additional benefits such as productivity bonus, yearly bonus, free transport and private health scheme”.

 Note: in 2019 Moroccan government increase the minimum wage by 5%, and another 5% will be applicable  in 2020

Employee free transportation

Employees of The Makers receive the transportation from a pick-up location in the vicinity of their residence to the factory and back home for free. The personal transport of Paveco employees to the factory is outsourced to specialized transportation companies.

Workers representatives

In 2015, Paveco made new elections to constitute their 9 workers representatives elected internally for six years. At least once a month the management has a meeting with the representative for daily issue. The workers representatives provide the agenda and accommodate minutes of meetings. The registrations are written in the local language. Discussed issues are, transport, temperature, working hours, costs for medicine, time to reimburse, conditions of work…. For more details the registration is available at our HR department.

 (*) BSCI: The Business Social Compliance initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains.  BSCI implements the principle international labor standards protecting workers’ rights such as International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and declarations, the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and guidelines for multinational enterprises of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).